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I am taking a break from giving readings in order to have a baby! I will be back in the fall, although my offerings may be changing at that time. Thank you all for your support and love. Have a great summer!



In-Person / Skype Tarot Readings

These readings are interactive and dynamic. We will have a dialogue about each card and its meaning and you will have ample time to ask questions and to steer the direction of the reading. An unlimited number of cards can be added as we go.

Once you have booked your reading, I will contact you within 24 hours about your availability to schedule a time that works for us both. In-person readings are offered in Seattle and occasionally Portland, OR and the Bay Area.

"Kate's explanation of tarot demystified it and gave me a deeper appreciation for how it helps guide people through difficult decisions and questions. I was struggling to decide how to approach moving out of my house and into my partner's house. The reading she did for me was surprisingly accurate in its reflection of my fears and it helped to zero in on what to watch out for. Her interpretation of the cards helped unearth feelings that I wasn't yet acknowledging but that were immediately resonant. I left with clarity about how to move forward. So far, everything she recommended has proven to be completely on point. Kate is warm, talented, and incredibly wise. I highly recommend a tarot reading with her."

— DASHAL, Albany, California

Email Tarot Readings

Email readings will be delivered to you in PDF format and will include several pages with a write-up of your reading, lots of details that pertain to your specific question, and at least one beautiful picture of your reading so you can follow along. You can expect your reading within 5 business days, oftentimes sooner.

"Your reading broke down the different options I was considering in a way that allowed me to look at them as separate pieces, thus giving me the ability to analyze each answer in a way I wouldn't have otherwise. I felt that the responses you crafted to the cards drawn were specific, thorough, personal. Since the reading I've referred back to it often, and I'm sure I'll continue doing so as my career path emerges."

— JENNA, Oakland, California

Choosing a Question for Your Reading

  • Formulate your question to be about yourself, not another person.

  • Phrasing your question in a way that is open-ended will allow for the greatest freedom in the interpretation of your reading. For example, “What guidance can you give me about x…” or “What can I expect from y…”.

  • Yes or no questions will give more specific answers, but can also lose some nuance on deeper issues.

  • The more information you can give about your situation the better. Since I am not a psychic, I will not know what you don’t tell me, though even without any information, the cards will provide specific and helpful guidance. It is up to you what you wish to receive out of the reading!

  • If you are not sure how to formulate your question, just ask and I can help you to hone and clarify it.

  • If you’d rather not ask a question, that is fine too! I can do a general reading – just remember that the more information I have, the more specific my interpretation and guidance will be.