Reading for the Week: Feb 20th-26th

Gift ⭐️  Queen of Wands Rx 

This week the gift is that we finally get to slow down a little bit. I don't know about you all but I have been burning up with fiery wands energy lately. It can help you be super productive but it can also lead pretty quickly to burn out. In the version of this card by Dame Darcy the queen appears to be threatened by some kind of scary beast. Or perhaps that beast is inside her. We should be able to calm some of that more jagged beastly energy in the coming week and look for ways to soothe and nurture ourselves instead. Take a minute to look at everything you've accomplished recently and let yourself relax a little. 

Challenge ⭐️  Four of Wands Rx 

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like everything this week will be cause for celebration. There are still some really hard realities out there that need our attention and sadly that won't let up this week. It can feel like whatever actions we take in our lives, as big as they may be for us, they are dwarfed in comparison to the tidal wave of negativity that daily rolls through the news. In this image, a couple is taking their wedding vows beside the ocean and a castle looms above them on top of a cliff. In its upright position this card depicts a joyous occasion with people in the castle celebrating. Reversed, it become an almost frightening scene as the cliffs and waves dominate the scene. This card suggests then that we have to fight in this climate to claim a space for the joys and accomplishments that are still very real and important parts of our lives. Do whatever you can not to let the shitstorm of the political reality take that away from you. 

Advice ⭐️  Four of Cups 

In order to protect our energy and take care of ourselves, the advice for this week is to be really choosy about which things we take on. The four of cups typically shows a person who refuses all of the cups being handed to them and is sometimes interpreted as signifying apathy or an unhealthy disinterest. Here, as an advice card, I take it to mean just the opposite. We need to refuse the cups being offered if what they contain is not going to sustain us or is going to end up being more work for us than we can handle right now. What may look like an opportunity can just as equally be a drain on you and your time. In this image, it seems as though the mermaid already *has* three shells. She is refusing the fourth because she doesn't want or need what it has to offer her.

Tarot deck used: Dame Darcy Mermaid Tarot