Reading for the Week: Feb 27th-Mar 5th

Gift ⭐️  The Devil Rx + Make

This week we will have the opportunity to see our shadow selves more clearly, both as individuals and as a community. The Devil rules our baser urges and operates out of fear and escapism. Since he is reversed, we will be able to have a little more willpower over our own self-destructive tendencies. So often we engage in addictive behavior or obsessive negative thinking out of a desire to fill the vacuum that is created by fears about our future, our country, our inadequacies. What if instead of numbing ourselves, which ultimately only feeds the vacuum, we decided instead to create something? To make art or to make connections? To put something solid and beautiful in the way of fear. We're seeing this happening every day in the name of resistance. We just need to keep doing it and not let ourselves burn out.

Challenge ⭐️  Three of Wands + Truth

The challenge this week is most certainly the risk of burn-out, but it is also the ability to keep a positive vision for the future. To keep a steady grasp on the truths we know to be valid and to let them be a guide for us in moving into the unknown. The three of wands shows us a portal to a beautiful shimmering world. Its forms are not yet distinct but there is so much promise there. It is not a clear future shown to us through a crystal ball, it is one we have fashioned ourselves from sticks and twine, from the materials we have on hand. They may seem ordinary and without much power, but when you imbue them with your own imagination, hope, and fierce love of all that is good, what you see on the other side is nothing short of magic. 

Advice ⭐️  Father of Cups + Choice

We have a choice each day in how we approach ourselves and the world. We can become mired down by the suffering we feel and the injustices we see around us. But we can also remember to tread gently on the earth, to look at each other with compassionate understanding, and to use the love we all have within us as a vessel to keep us all afloat through whatever comes. Love is always the answer. 

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown

Oracle deck: Vessel by Spirit Speak