Reading for the Week: April 3rd-9th

Gift ⭐️  Eight of Cups Rx + Divinity 

When the eight of cups is upright it speaks to the need to walk away from something that isn't working for you. Maybe you've spent the last few years building something and now you realize it's time to move on. Or maybe those cups you so lovingly stacked to hold your desires all seem cracked and broken. Reversed, though, this card asks us to look a little closer at the things you think are wrong with your life. Maybe they just need a little soap and water. Perhaps a few things should be discarded, but you don't actually need to burn the whole thing to the ground to find the change you are seeking. There is a delicate balance between the desire for newness and change and the need for security and stability. We are always making small adjustments to the scales to get the balance right. Sometimes taking a short trip to recharge and see a new landscape can be enough to fulfill the need for stimulation without doing permanent damage to the life you've built. The "divinity" oracle card from Black and the Moon shows a hand pointing to what looks like a bat but is actually an all-seeing eye. By rising up into our higher selves (through meditation, prayer, journaling, etc), we often find that what looks one way is actually something quite different. Let your higher mind be the judge.

Challenge ⭐️  Nine of Cups Rx + Listen 

The challenge here is that we have to accept that we may not be able to have every single thing that our hearts desire. Sometimes the things we once thought we needed lose their ability to satisfy or maybe they never did fulfill you in the way you thought they would. Rather than grasping for other desires/things to fill the void, or trying desperately to hold onto things we know aren't working for us, the advice from the cards is to stop for a while and listen. Try to hear the inner voice that tells you what is really important and what can be let go, and be grateful for the many things that do enrich your life and sustain you. 

Advice ⭐️  Two of Wands Rx + Life 

The advice for the week has to do with finding the balance between holding things together and letting them separate, at least temporarily. At times, we need a little distance in order to keep a certain amount of excitement in our lives. Or to see things with fresh eyes. As we roll into full on Spring, think about what needs enlivening in your environment, your relationships, your daily tasks. Where do things feel dull and dusty? Where have things become so stagnant that they seem buried under layers of sediment and debris? See what you can pull apart and freshen up, even if that just means taking all the clothes out of your dresser and refolding them. Or washing the dusty wine glasses on the top shelf. Let things have a little air around them and it will go a long way in breathing new life into them and you. 

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown

Oracle deck: Oracle of Oddities