Reading for the Week: April 10th-16th

Gift ⭐️  Page of Cups Rx + Spirit 

The gift this week may not look like a gift at first. You may feel that your creative wells are not as full as they once were. Or that your sensitive side is not as sensitive as it could be. Alternatively, you may find that you are *too* sensitive and that your emotions feel scary or overwhelming. Either way, we may find it difficult this week to find the compassion needed to deal with the people and issues around us that rub us the wrong way. It wouldn't be surprising given the number of planets in retrograde at the moment if your temper was a bit shorter than normal. But the thing is, being aligned with spirit, or your higher self, doesn't always (or ever?) mean sitting idly by with a beatific smile on your face while the world runs roughshod over your life and the people you love. Sometimes we have to get our hackles up, put a little more firmness in our voices, let things get a little tense or messy. This can serve as a form of protection, as we let people know where our limits are, and while it may feel icky or a bit out of control, it actually works to bring things back into balance that have gone too far to one extreme.

Challenge ⭐️  Ten of Pentacles Rx + Boundaries 

This brings us to the challenge this week, which is all about setting boundaries. You absolutely do not need to put up with whatever is pulling you down or putting you on edge. It is up to you to build a barrier around yourself when it starts to feel like everyone else is encroaching on your space. (And given the ten of pentacles here, that somebody may very well be in your own family or inner circle.) The boundaries that need setting might have to do with money or work life, so pay special attention to the flow of energy and cash this week. Money is a form of energy itself - a currency - that flows to us and through us. But it shouldn't leave us feeling trapped or beholden or emptied out. Is your financial flow enabling you to live the life you want? Or is your source of income keeping you from living that life? These are long-term trade offs and not always easy to solve in the short term. But if there is no light at the end of that tunnel, something's gotta change. 

Advice ⭐️  Knight of Wands + Self care 

So, with all of our boundary setting and speaking up for ourselves, we will need to muster up a lot of fiery chutzpah. The Knight of Wands says to charge forth and not worry so much about whether everything gets done perfectly or gets said in just the right way to avoid hurting anyone's feelings. Sometimes you just have to go boldly forth and trust that things will work out as they should. Just remember to make time for self care in the midst of the chaos. Why is that always so hard to do? It is essential that we not burn ourselves out. We have so much left to do. 

Tarot deck used: The Wild Unknown

Oracle deck: Vessel by Spirit Speak

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