Reading for the Week: May 15th-21st

Gift ⭐️  Queen of Swords Rx 

The Queen of Swords reversed tells us it's okay not to have everything under control this week. Allow yourself the gift of falling apart a little bit, even if it feels hard and messy as it's happening. Trust me it is truly a gift. When we fall apart we are able to see and sense the parts of ourselves that most need healing. We are able to find a new gentler way of treating ourselves and the people around us. Logic and structure can be useful, yes, but they also keep us closed off from learning and growth. By quieting the voice of reason at times, we let our more vulnerable side take up a little more space and energy. What seems "irrational" is often just a different kind of truth, one that is no less valid and deserving of attention. It's so important to know our own truths and to acknowledge and validate them. Don't let anyone else tell you that your experience or emotional response is wrong. It is only through absolute unconditional acceptance and self-love that we can begin to move through our pain. 

Challenge ⭐️  Ace of Swords Rx 

There are some obvious challenges that come along with allowing things to get messy and vulnerable. One is that we can lose our way forward for a little while. Without the light of reason and logic, we may feel overwhelmed or confused about our path. Things become blurry and tangled; our priorities can get reorganized. This too is necessary, but it is definitely not easy to navigate. Try not to lose sight entirely of your guiding light. Let your intuition be your guide rather than looking for a rational solution that most likely doesn't exist. 

Advice ⭐️  Judgment Rx 

The advice this week is not to be too hard on yourself during these times. Rather than trying to categorize and understand everything, try making a choice this week to just be. Even just in some small way: meditate for five minutes while waiting for someone, put your phone down, look at the sky, remember the world outside of your mind and its endless loops of worries, lists, fantasies, and chatter. What brings you stillness? What lets you quiet the voices in your head? Why do we feel the need to make judgments about ourselves and others? Let yourself be. 

Tarot deck used: Small Spells

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