Reading for the Week: May 8th-14th

Gift ⭐️  Hierophant Rx 

This week we are perhaps painfully aware of all the ways our institutions and authority figures are failing us. Whether governmental, educational, medical, or legal, the institutions that are meant to "serve" us often end up serving only themselves or the people who sit at the top of their hierarchical structures. Understanding this can cause us fear, anxiety, and disillusionment. Who will take care of us when we need it most? Who will help us to get the support, care, and learning we need as we grow and change? While it can be an extremely challenging to realize that we can't depend on those above us to lend us the assistance we need, it can also be incredibly freeing. If we take the power back from these structures, then no one can tell us how we should take care of ourselves and our bodies. No one can tell us the "right" way to learn something or the right pace at which to learn it. No one else knows better than you what you need and whether you deserve it. And you absolutely do deserve it. 

Challenge ⭐️  The Sun 

What is challenging is that in order to take that power back, we have to truly believe in ourselves. We have to have the confidence to know that we are capable, that we can provide for ourselves and our loved ones. And we have to have faith that our universe really is an abundant one in which we need not depend on corrupt and materialistic systems that don't have our best interests in mind. This kind of empowerment involves a rebirth of sorts. Sometimes it is so hard to let go of even the most dysfunctional structures if we think we need them, if we've become accustomed to living within a cage. To be truly independent can frankly be terrifying, even though we know deep down that it will open the door to a sense of stability, strength, and joy that right now we can only dream of. 

Advice ⭐️  Ten of Cups

And really the truth is we *can't* do it alone. But we don't need to look to those broken hierarchical structures for help. Instead the advice from the cards this week is to look to our local communities, our friends, and our families for the support we need. We create webs of connection in our person-to-person interactions that are far stronger and more egalitarian than any vertical system of power could ever be. A tower is always vulnerable to collapse. A web on the other hand grows stronger with every point of contact. 

Tarot deck used: Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set

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