Reading for the Week: Jun 12th-18th

Gift ⭐️  Nine of Cups

Sometimes everything lines up and it becomes much easier to see all that is right in your world. Be sure to savor those times when you feel like you truly have all that you need. But even when it isn't coming easily to you, do your best to find small things to be grateful for. You are provided for, you are safe and warm, you have all the food you need, you have people around you who love you. This really is all we need but we allow our busy minds to run in circles, always looking for anything that is out of place. See if you can quiet that impulse and just enjoy your present moment. Let yourself sit back, breathe deeply and soak in the positivity that is all around you. 

Challenge ⭐️  Queen of Swords

The challenge is not to let our rational minds tell us that things are not okay. The rational mind wants to find things to fix. It is not interested in fulfillment or gratitude because it's job is to seek out problems. This is helpful in certain circumstances, but most of the time, it actually does us a great disservice. What if we could learn to turn off that problem solving faculty when we didn't need it? It will always try to convince you that it needs to be activated because it thinks that is the only way you'll be safe. It isn't. In fact, the anxiety it provokes can actually be detrimental to your psychological and physical health. 

Advice ⭐️  Ten of Pentacles

The advice this week is to not only cultivate a deep sense of gratitude for all that we have in our lives, but to let these positive vibes assist us in creating a more long-lasting sense of stability and security.  This is a kind of future planning that does not come from a place of ambition or anxiously hoarding whatever we can because of fears about the unknown. This kind of future vision is one that grows organically out of a deep joy and satisfaction with one's present, which allows us to keep doing the work we do each day without becoming sick or burned out. If we can find true satisfaction in our daily lives, we will naturally set ourselves up for a secure and stable life in the future. 

Tarot deck used: Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set

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