Reading for the Week: Jun 26th-Jul 2nd

Gift ⭐️  Page of Cups Rx + Eternity

This week the Page of Cups reversed offers us a lesson in sensitivity. The gift here is that we are being asked to notice our sensitive natures, to notice which things overwhelm us so that we can work with them rather than letting them take over. It may feel frustrating because it seems that these same issues keep cropping up, that we are never able to move on from them completely. The trick is to accept that they most likely cannot be overcome entirely. We can't shed every trace of those patterns, habits, and triggers, no matter how much inner work we do. What if instead of trying to rid ourselves of them then, we surrendered to the idea that they are with us for the long haul? This shift of mindset may seem like a resignation, but it actually frees you from an impossible quest that only leaves you banging your head against a wall. It frees you to look for more realistic solutions to dealing with your trigger points, through trial and error and with great compassion for yourself.

Challenge ⭐️  Queen of Cups + Observe

Your challenge then, at least for this week, is to observe yourself and your reactions to external (and internal) stimuli. What sets you off? What leaves you depleted and unable to handle stresses? Lack of sleep? Not getting enough exercise? Too much time around people? Not enough time around people? Try to observe without judgment and then brainstorm some ways of adjusting in order to prevent or lessen the impact of your usual triggers. This is what self-care is all about and you owe it to yourself to do the work in understanding what will support you in times of stress and upset. 

Advice ⭐️  Waning Gibbous Moon + Pain

And the irony is that by NOT trying to "get over" a particular trigger or reaction - by allowing it and then working with it instead of against it - you may actually find that you are more effectively able to let it go. There is a counterintuitive power in this kind of work that isn't always easy to wrap your head around: by trying to let go, we hold on; through acceptance, we let go. 

Decks used: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot and Oracle of Oddities