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Hello and welcome! I'm Kate, the founder of Star Sight Tarot. I believe that the tarot has great transformative power and can give us deep insight into our lives, our patterns, and our choices. Tarot has been instrumental in my own journey of personal development and I love bringing its gift of guidance to my clients.

I first discovered the tarot when I was a teenager. My mother had an old Rider Waite Smith deck, which she kept in a wooden box. She did a few readings for me and we looked up the meanings together in a tiny book, but the descriptions for each card seemed so limited and sometimes scary. About ten years ago, I began to study the tarot with a friend, often over a glass of wine, and with better resources. There are many ways of reading tarot, but I learned that for me it was about exploring the psyche and tapping into my own intuitive wisdom, not being given a static unchanging future. I started doing readings for friends, collecting decks, books, and spreads, and learning about archetypes and myths. For the last five years, I have been giving readings without the aid of guidebooks, using only my intuition and knowledge of the cards.

Beyond the tarot, I am also a musician, an academic, and a student of counseling psychology. I have a PhD in Italian Studies and have spent several years living in Italy, where I discovered the rich and wonderful world of the Italian tarot. The oldest known decks were actually created in Italy during the Renaissance. I was very fortunate to learn from some amazing teachers there, which still affects my reading style today. 

What to Expect / My Style of Reading

I do not consider myself a “fortune teller” or psychic. I use the tarot as a tool to empower my clients and help them to discover answers to difficult questions, gain insight into their situation, and make productive life changes. While some readings may include information about the future, I believe that we always have free will to change course and nothing is set in stone. I think of it as seeing a possible future based on the current direction you are headed in. Sometimes, the act of getting a tarot reading alone and looking deeply at a situation is enough to begin shifting out of a pattern or a possible negative outcome.

What is a star sight?

“Star sights” are measurements taken between a star and the horizon. These points are used in navigation on land and sea, helping travelers to orient themselves and plot their course. I use the Tarot in a similar way: the symbols and images in the cards carry meanings that aid us on our life’s journey.


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Book a Reading


I am taking a break from giving readings in order to have a baby! I will be back in the fall, although my offerings may be changing at that time. Thank you all for your support and love. Have a great summer!



In-Person / Skype Tarot Readings

These readings are interactive and dynamic. We will have a dialogue about each card and its meaning and you will have ample time to ask questions and to steer the direction of the reading. An unlimited number of cards can be added as we go.

Once you have booked your reading, I will contact you within 24 hours about your availability to schedule a time that works for us both. In-person readings are offered in Seattle and occasionally Portland, OR and the Bay Area.

"Kate's explanation of tarot demystified it and gave me a deeper appreciation for how it helps guide people through difficult decisions and questions. I was struggling to decide how to approach moving out of my house and into my partner's house. The reading she did for me was surprisingly accurate in its reflection of my fears and it helped to zero in on what to watch out for. Her interpretation of the cards helped unearth feelings that I wasn't yet acknowledging but that were immediately resonant. I left with clarity about how to move forward. So far, everything she recommended has proven to be completely on point. Kate is warm, talented, and incredibly wise. I highly recommend a tarot reading with her."

— DASHAL, Albany, California

Email Tarot Readings

Email readings will be delivered to you in PDF format and will include several pages with a write-up of your reading, lots of details that pertain to your specific question, and at least one beautiful picture of your reading so you can follow along. You can expect your reading within 5 business days, oftentimes sooner.

"Your reading broke down the different options I was considering in a way that allowed me to look at them as separate pieces, thus giving me the ability to analyze each answer in a way I wouldn't have otherwise. I felt that the responses you crafted to the cards drawn were specific, thorough, personal. Since the reading I've referred back to it often, and I'm sure I'll continue doing so as my career path emerges."

— JENNA, Oakland, California

Choosing a Question for Your Reading

  • Formulate your question to be about yourself, not another person.

  • Phrasing your question in a way that is open-ended will allow for the greatest freedom in the interpretation of your reading. For example, “What guidance can you give me about x…” or “What can I expect from y…”.

  • Yes or no questions will give more specific answers, but can also lose some nuance on deeper issues.

  • The more information you can give about your situation the better. Since I am not a psychic, I will not know what you don’t tell me, though even without any information, the cards will provide specific and helpful guidance. It is up to you what you wish to receive out of the reading!

  • If you are not sure how to formulate your question, just ask and I can help you to hone and clarify it.

  • If you’d rather not ask a question, that is fine too! I can do a general reading – just remember that the more information I have, the more specific my interpretation and guidance will be.


Seattle, Washington

Having Kate do a Tarot reading for me was amazing. She was so in tune with each card and could see so clearly how each card was part of a big picture and message meant for me. There is a very grounded, healing energy about her which you feel in your body as the reading takes place, so it’s not just a basic tarot reading but a healing you are getting at the same time. I walked away feeling seen and much more aware of myself and the process that was unfolding in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in Tarot because you really are getting the real deal when you do a reading with her. 

San Francisco, CAlifornia

I received a reading from Kate and so appreciated the emotional intelligence and empathy she brought to the question I posed and to her interpretation of the cards. She worked with me to draw out ideas and questions I hadn’t considered. I appreciated her encouragement to meditate on and draw meaning from the symbolism in the cards and felt guided by her incisive analysis. I left with a better understanding and even more questions to consider.


Olympia, Washington

Kate is very intuitive when it comes to reading the cards AND the person seeking clarity from them. She did a New Year reading for me that helped me figure out how to deal with an old but toxic relationship. She guided me to a truth I was avoiding but ultimately knew was the right thing. Kate also inspired me to pick up the cards again after 17 years, which has been really important to me this past month. 

Berkeley, California

Kate read my cards twice, and both times I had an intimate and profound experience. Her graceful wording and sensitivity helped me to answer the internal questions I carried into the reading, and shed light on them in insightful and thought provoking ways. What was most interesting is that the same card came up for me in both readings, done at the distance of a few months, and I could witness how that same card, while retaining some of its qualities and values, spoke to different parts of my life and to the other cards. Really deep, and super fun!

Berkeley, California

As an artist, Kate's soulful intuition and deep knowledge of tarot join forces with creativity, which sets the stage for penetrating and revealing readings. On several occasions, Kate and her cards have helped me face myself more honestly and move out of the past spiritually. I highly recommend taking a journey through the cards with Kate as your guide!

Oakland, California

I loved my reading with Kate! She was so kind and I finished my reading feeling empowered and like I gained some wisdom about myself.


Myself and a friend went to see Kate for a tarot reading. My friend had her reading first and as I was observing the reading I was amazed at how accurate it was and that Kate had never even met my friend before. The images were powerful and Kate does such a great job of offering interpretations of the cards so the client can really see what's true for them.





Want to have Star Sight Tarot at your next event? I do pop-up tarot, classes, private parties, workshops, and friend dates. Please contact me if you're interested in scheduling me for your event.

"My first experience with Star Sight Tarot was at a tarot-art workshop led by Kate, where I was immediately struck by her impressive knowledge of the history of tarot. She helped the students at the workshop to think about the possibilities of tarot in a whole new way, encouraging us to meditate on the meaning and symbols of various cards and to discuss and develop our own symbols and deeper understandings. I left with two beautiful cards, a new appreciation for the ways in which I can embody the Fool, and, like the Magician, a new understanding of the tools I carry with me."
— VANESSA, San Francisco, California

May 2017: Tarot Reading Workshop at Rare Bird!

Have you been wanting to learn the art of tarot reading but weren’t sure where to start? This class, taught by Kate Noson of Star Sight Tarot, will walk you through the basics of tarot reading and will help you to develop your own intuition and style of reading the cards. Each session will cover specific card meanings and symbols, a featured tarot spread, techniques for cultivating your own interpretations, and time for guided practice as a group or in pairs. We will cover the four suits of the tarot – pentacles, wands, cups, and swords – as well as the archetypes of the Major Arcana (the Fool, the High Priestess, the Hermit, etc). 

Kate has been reading tarot for over ten years and brings both sensitivity and pragmatism to the practice. She uses the cards as a tool for self-discovery, discernment, and self-empowerment, helping clients and students to come to their own understandings of the cards, rather than imposing a rigid set of meanings or telling a static future. With an approach that is at once humorous, down to earth, and transformative, her goal is to make tarot accessible to all and to remove some of the blocks that often keep people from trying it out. This course will be ideal for tarot newbies but anyone will benefit from this dedicated study and exploration of the cards!

Sign up on the Rare Bird's website by clicking here!

Materials Needed:
You will need to bring: your own tarot deck and a blank journal or notebook (both available for purchase at Rare Bird if needed). If you do not have a deck and wish to borrow one, please contact the instructor before class: or

Skill Level: Beginners, everyone welcome

Age Group: 18+

Dates & Times: Wednesdays, May 3, 10, 17, & 24, 6-9pm

Price: $148

Sign up by April 30th with code SUNQUEEN and get 15% off! ☀️


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