The Making of Star Sight Tarot

Star card_close up.jpg

I chose the name Star Sight in part based on my love of the Star card and the special role it has played for me in difficult times in my life. The Star is the XVII card of the Major Arcana and comes at a pivotal point on the fool’s journey through the archetypes of the tarot. The card that precedes it, the Tower, signals a time of destruction and major upheaval. This is a necessary shattering as it breaks down structures that are built on faulty foundations. The Tower card comes to shake us out of whatever confines, patterns, and situations we have allowed to persist in our lives despite the knowledge somewhere deep down that they are not quite right. At its most extreme, The Tower is the destruction of the earthly realm in its entirety, paving the way for a new kind of understanding that is spiritual in nature, that goes beyond the material and the mundane, to show us a kind of truth that is far deeper than what we allow ourselves to glimpse in the course of our daily lives.

Star Sight Tarot was born last year after an intense Tower moment in my own life. I had recently graduated with a PhD in Italian Studies into an abysmal job market where the only options available were adjunct teaching positions with huge amounts of stress and very little pay. In the midst of that stress, I experienced one of the greatest losses of my life in the form of a miscarriage. I went through a period of intense depression and made the very difficult decision to leave the academic path, a decision I probably would not have been able to make had it not been for the physical and emotional trauma of that loss. Out of that darkness, I began down the path towards healing and towards a new career. Creating Star Sight Tarot has given me a channel to explore and move through my own pain through the practice of the tarot, as well as a chance to make something beautiful and sustaining to share with my friends and clients.

After the shattering experience of the Tower, the Star comes to us as a guiding light in the night sky. In fact, it may be that we need to destroy the structures in which we are constrained precisely in order to see the Star shining above our heads. She is always there, offering hope and healing. If (or when) we lose our way it is only because we have forgotten to look for her.

My goal with Star Sight Tarot is to create a community of learning and appreciation of the tarot as well as to have a platform to share my own readings with you all, so please leave comments on the blog or send me a message if you want to say hello. I have a lot of ideas brimming about future blog posts profiling different tarot readers and decks, sharing tools and insights, and of course the Reading for the Week. Let me know if you’d like to be featured or if you would like to see a post on a particular topic.

Please take a look around, check out my offerings, and sign up for the Star Sight newsletter if you want to be kept updated on special offers, upcoming workshops, and blog posts. To celebrate the launch, all readings are 20% off for the month of March with the code: LAUNCHME. Thank you all for being part of this journey. I look forward to seeing where it takes us.

xo, Kate