Reading for the Week: May 1st-7th

Gift ⭐️  Seven of Swords Rx + Opposition 

This week something that was lost will be returned to you. Is it possible you never actually lost it? The Seven of Swords when upright speaks to shady behavior, guilt, theft, and escape. When reversed, the things that were taken come back to us, or we recognize that maybe we were overreacting and nothing was really taken in the first place, no wrong actually committed. I love the way the Pagan Otherworlds tarot shows two swords firmly planted in the ground while the other five are behind a veil. If there is an opposition here it is between playing the victim and assuming that what you can't immediately see must have been stolen vs. understanding that you may have actually gained something new - or at the very least a new perspective on something old - as a result of what you thought was a betrayal. We no longer need to lash out or blame others for what seems off in our lives. This week we start to loosen our grasp a little and begin the hard process of forgiveness.

Challenge ⭐️  Page of Cups + Knowledge 

Notice the way the Page of Cups and Knowledge cards mirror each other! Each hand stretches out holding something aloft. Given the page's proximity to the ocean, I wonder if his cup might be filled with salt water. Does he know what it is he's holding? Is he planning to drink it? The challenge this week is to be sure we really know what we are holding in our cups - what we are taking into our bodies, our hearts, our spirits. What stories have we been telling ourselves about what is "good" for us and what isn't? Why did we decide that someone or something was toxic? How can we truly tell the difference?

Advice ⭐️  Queen of Pentacles Rx + Revelation 

All of this adds up to a somewhat counter-intuitive revelation. Perhaps the thing you thought was the key to your happiness and prosperity is not really the right path for you at this time. Can you go back to square one and let yourself be a little more open and free with your decisions and daily tasks/relationships/patterns? Can you approach your situation with curiosity and without preconceived notions about who or what is right for you and who or what is bad? You might be surprised by what you find out. 

Tarot deck used: The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot by Uusi

Oracle deck: The Oracle of Oddities by Black and the Moon