Reading for the Week: April 24th-30th

Gift ⭐️  Page of Cups Rx 

This is the third week in a row we've had a reversed court card from the cups suit in this position. The message is that perhaps we can benefit from a more detached and less sensitive mode of being right now. It is easy to become testy when we feel vulnerable or off-balance. But Wednesday's new moon in Taurus should help to ground us a little, giving us some much needed perspective and objectivity. If you're feeling a little off and struggling with some of the day-to-day crap right now, maybe the people around you are too. Maybe they aren't *trying* to piss you off, but are really just trying to make it through the day like everyone else.

Challenge ⭐️  Ace of Cups

The challenge then is to continue cultivating compassion and empathy, even as we strive to protect ourselves from the negative energy that other people are putting out. Are you offering love to the people who need it most? Are you letting yourself truly feel what you need to feel rather than closing down and getting irritated? 

Advice ⭐️  Three of Swords 

And here's the hard part. Our advice for this week is to express the truth of our pain when it arises. It's easy to get stuck on minor details and annoyances rather than facing the bigger stresses, fears, and sadnesses that are buried below the surface. The thing is, by expressing them, we actually create an authentic space in which to connect with others instead of pushing them away. Offering the cup of compassion while simultaneously bearing our wounds to those we trust will lead us to some much needed healing. It is through that process of authentic expression that we can actually embody a calmer and more grounded presence. 

Tarot deck used: The Pamela Colman-Smith Commemorative Tarot