Reading for the Week: April 17th-23rd

Gift ⭐️  King of Cups Rx 

The gift this week is that Venus has stationed direct again, meaning we can stop spending so much time dealing with our emotional worlds (and wounds) and get on with the business of our daily lives. The King of Cups is a kind and gentle soul, but he can also get lost in emotional reverie and has the potential to become overwhelmed and start taking everything personally. During the time that Venus was in retrograde, 3/5-4/15, we may have felt more sensitive and more tossed about by our emotions than we would like. This has served a purpose, however, as it has helped us to reconnect to some of those buried insecurities that can start to have a negative effect on our lives if they stay hidden for too long. Airing them out and acknowledging them is so important if we want to stay on a path of healing rather than one of denial or repression. It can definitely be an exhausting process though, and I for one will welcome some smoother emotional waters. 

Challenge ⭐️  The Empress

Rather than letting our emotions affect us so much, this week we are challenged instead to embody the grounded energy of the Empress. This lady is so bad-ass. She is earthy and nurturing without getting caught up in the whirlpools of emotional confusion that plague the more watery types. How can you inhabit a more Empress-like way of being this week? Get lost in nature, go to a farmer's market, make yummy food and savor it, get out your knitting needles or your leather-working tools or anything you can make with your hands. If you don't know how to do any of those things, sign up for a workshop! The Empress is associated with Venus, so it is very fitting that she would show up now. She is also the most feminine archetype in the tarot and challenges us to live into the feminine aspects of ourselves.

Advice ⭐️  Justice ⚖️

This week we might ask ourselves what we are doing to engage our own sense of justice, and how we are doing it. Are we railing against the opposition in anger, ready to go to war? If so, are we also making sure to attend to our need for calm, for balance, and beauty? The advice from the Justice card is to seek balance by making sure that each aspect of our lives is getting its fair share of attention. Have you been neglecting your body? Your intellectual curiosity? Your relationship(s)? Your work? Your spirit? Your art? Your community? Each of these needs your attention in equal measure. Spend a little time thinking about what has been pushed to the back burner and what you can do to bring it back into action. 

Tarot deck used: The Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

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